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180 years ago (Almost two centuries ago), the city centre was not here. Hard to imagine, but Klafthmonos Square on the northern outskirts of Athens was a neglected parcel of land and there was a scattering of houses. In 1833 the Stamatios Dekozi-Vouros residence was erected which houses today the Museum of the City of Athens and was connected with the neighbouring Afthniadis residence a couple of years later. Otto, the first King of Greece resided there after his marriage with 18-year old Amalia.

It was the young queen who took care of the garden who organized the garden around their temporary residence. The “Garden of the Old Palace” was the capital´s first public garden with four entrances, fountain, and a cistern filled with water and goldfish. The garden extended from Klafthmonos to Kolokotronis Square.

The current/present/today’s garden of the Athens City Museum is only a small part of the once big garden but still a small oasis in the city centre that even keeps the palm tree planted by Amalia herself alive.

The Black Duck Garden – Athens City Musuem bistrot will operate during the summer season until the 15th of October from 9.00 am until late at night in the garden of the Athens City Museum. Visitors may experience the full aroma of the traditional Greek coffee and the popular spoon sweets and enjoy all sorts of coffee with hand-made Greek cookies or cakes, several different flavours of tea, chocolate drinks, fresh juice, sandwiches, and a range of selected Greek wines and cold cuts-charcuterie, special finger food, salads, cold and .. dishes._ Moreover, tasty desserts and the extensive wine, beer and alcoholic beverages list completes a unique dining experience.