Athens city as an inspiration for the famous painter, Nikos Tsimitakis

Nikos Tsimitakis, having lived and walked around the city’s corners and parks, center areas, boulevards and districts , re-introduces Athens to us, through his evocative works. Nikos Tsimitakis, through his work, created with Chinese ink on paper, is highlighting secret corners of our City while bringing up it’s sensitivity.

Small and big stories are united with memories and everyday life of Athens, connecting the past with the present. The “body” of this city, which N. Tsimitakis constantly discovers – as nothing remains static – is depicted in the buildings that convey its multifaceted and always charming physiognomy. Nikos Tsimitakis presents Athens as a city with its cultural legacies engraved, with its continuous physiognomic creative and full of life changes, with its great uncertainties, where there are many hidden human dramas, but also a paradox and an unlimited beauty.

OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION: 16th of December 2009, at 19:00
DURATION OF THE EXHIBITION: 16 December 2019 – 12 January 2020

During the exhibition’s opening, the entrance is free.